About us

Our Mission

Welcome to MyBodiArt™ your specialty body piercing jewelry and temporary tattoos supplier.  Our mission is to supply our customers with the most unique and high quality body piercings and temporary tattoos.  


Our Products 

We are a specialty body piercing jewelry and temporary tattoo shop which only carries the highest quality products.   We offer a wide range of Body Piercing Jewelry which are made from a variety of fine materials including 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, G23 Titanium and much more.  Our vibrant and unique tattoos are made from high quality non-toxic inks.  


Our Commitment to Customer Service

At MyBodiArt™ your customer satisfaction is our top priority. By delivering both high quality unique products and efficient customer service, we hope to nurture a long term relationship with each of our customers.  Please contact us if you ever have any questions !